1. What about using Safari and Chrome?

A combination of the two might be effective on Apple devices. For example, if you’d like to use a Google service like YouTube or Gmail, it makes sense to use Chrome.

2. Is Safari safer than Chrome?

Both browsers offer an adequate level of online protection, but Safari is a better choice in terms of online privacy.

Chrome is the most popular browser thanks to everything from a developer-friendly design to users sticking with the service over the years. It’s also integrated with a wide range of Google services.

4. Safari vs Chrome: Which would you recommend for iPhone users?

Safari is the default browser, and it would be our personal preference if you’re accessing the internet with an iPhone. This is based on privacy, as well as recent improvements to the OS. 

5. Why is Safari only available on macOS and iOS?

Safari used to be available on Windows devices from 2007-2012, but Apple switched to focusing solely on their own hardware over the past decade. It’s a bonus for iPhone and macOS users, although Apple devices tend to be more expensive than the competition.