1. Is Brave safer than chrome?

Both browsers offer an adequate level of online protection, but Brave is a better choice in terms of protecting online privacy.

2. How do I install Chrome extensions?

You can manually install Chrome extensions in the Chrome Web Store by clicking the “Add to Chrome” button. You can also manage your extensions via the Chrome Extensions panel in your browser settings.

The most popular add-ons include VPN Chrome extensions and password managers that help users shop and browse online anonymously.

3. Is Chromium better than Brave?

Chrome doesn’t block ads and trackers by default like the Brave browser does, which can cause it to slow down if you have multiple tabs open at once or require a lot of bandwidth for activities like streaming and torrenting.

4. Which uses more RAM, Chrome or Brave?

This will depend on what you use your browser for. Chrome uses more RAM compared to Brave if you use multiple tabs at the same time.

5. Is it worth switching from Chrome to Brave?

Brave is 3x faster than Google Chrome. This is largely due to it blocking all ads and trackers that slow down a browser, so your webpages can load faster. Chrome on the other hand offers a lot more customizations and integrations with other apps that make it a convenient solution. It will come down to your personal preferences on whether or not you switch over, but both are viable options.