1. Does WireGuard work with OpenVPN?

Rather than using both protocols at the same time, you’ll be able to select WireGuard or OpenVPN before connecting to a VPN server. 

2. Is WireGuard the fastest VPN protocol?

WireGuard is faster than OpenVPN, but it’s not necessarily the quickest protocol overall when accounting for options that don’t use any encryption. However, WireGuard is still the fastest secure VPN protocol overall. 

3. Is WireGuard based on OpenVPN?

No. WireGuard is a newer protocol that has far less code, built using state-of-the-art cryptography.  

4. WireGuard vs OpenVPN: Which is better for anonymity?

WireGuard wasn’t built with anonymity and privacy in mind, preferring to focus on security and speed. As such, we’d opt for OpenVPN. 

5. WireGuard vs OpenVPN: Which is more secure?

Neither WireGuard or OpenVPN is a security risk, with both protocols trusted by the majority of experts. WireGuard has the benefit of fewer lines of code which makes it easier to audit, while OpenVPN has been tested rigorously over the past two decades.

6. Will WireGuard replace OpenVPN?

Probably not. OpenVPN still has a number of practical uses, such as with TCP connections

7. Is WireGuard safer than OpenVPN?

Not necessarily, and many experts would consider OpenVPN to be the safer option. However, WireGuard is simpler by design, with less code to attack, and it’s easier to audit. Both are safe VPN protocol solutions.