How to Save Money on Streaming With a VPN

How to Save Money on Streaming With a VPN

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VPNs are famous for helping you maintain your privacy online, but did you know that VPNs can also help you save money on streaming services? We can teach you how to use a VPN quickly to unblock your favorite shows or movies. Think about it, the cost of subscribing to multiple streaming services can add up quickly. For example, if you decide to subscribe to Netflix, HBOMAX, and Spotify Premium, your monthly streaming costs immediately skyrocket to $40 per month! NordVPN, on the other hand, only costs $3.67/mo, so if you combine your, say, Netflix subscription with Nord, you will not only access a more extensive library of content but cut your monthly streaming costs in half. A Netflix subscription + Nord will only cost you roughly $18 per month.  

GIF tallying monthly streaming costs of Netflix, Spotify Premium, and HBOMAX

Keep reading to learn more about how a VPN can save you money and which provider is the best VPN for streaming

Opt-Out of Price Discrimination 

Online retailers implement price discrimination tactics individualized to consumers based on their location, browsing history, and more. If you live in a high-income country, for example, you will automatically be charged more simply based upon where you are located. Location-based price points are especially applicable to airfare and certain online services like streaming websites. 

Geo-restrictions apply to streaming services like Netflix in terms of their content libraries across different countries. The British Netflix catalog, for example, has additional content to the United States catalog. Price discrimination occurs in this instance because you are paying the same amount for less content based on your location. Websites will display their price points based on your personal profile – all of which is tracked based on consenting to cookies, your IP address, and geolocating.

Access More Content with a VPN

Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu geo-block their content based on where a given show or movie originates. To the point of the British versus US Netflix comparison above, geo-blocking is put in place to entice consumers to buy more than one version of a Netflix catalog. A VPN for Netflix and other streaming sites allows you to connect to servers from different countries so that you can access more content with one subscription. Because VPNs hide your actual location by encrypting your IP address, you will be able to connect to your favorite streaming services from almost any country you desire. 

How to Get Started

Downloading and setting up a VPN is actually quite simple. We even have a great resource to help you access more Netflix content with a VPN. To set yourself up for success, all you need to do is choose a VPN service and download it on the devices of your choice. Once you download your VPN, connect to a server in a country you want to access content from. For example, if you’re going to access the British Netflix catalog, you will want to connect with a UK IP address. All you need to do from there is start binging your favorite shows and movies!

VPNLowest Price# of Devices# of Countries
Private Internet Access$2.08/mo.1078
Hola VPN$2.99/mo.20190

Key Takeaways

Downloading a VPN is a sure-fire way to access a more extensive content library at lower costs and higher speeds. Instead of downloading multiple streaming services, you can download one with a VPN to view more content for less than half the cost. All you need to do is choose the best VPN for your needs to access your favorite content from around the world.

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