1. What is a torrent?

torrent refers to any file shared through a decentralized P2P network like Limewire. It works by using a program or app to join a network of other systems that either have the file stored on them or are currently downloading it at the same time.

2. Why should I use a VPN for torrenting?

VPNs enhance your online privacy, meaning your IP address won’t be logged when you download files from a torrenting site. Plus, it’s possible your internet service provider will take action if you’re downloading large torrent files regularly. When you use a VPN, your ISP won’t be able to see what you’re doing, which helps you avoid speed throttling. You’ll also be able to visit torrent sites that are often blocked otherwise.

3. Which VPN is the best for torrenting?

You’re going to want to choose a reliable VPN with fast speeds and a large number of servers that allow you to torrent. It’s also important to use a VPN with a kill switch in case your connection drops. That way, your IP address will remain hidden regardless of the status of your connection. Check out these top torrenting VPNs to get started.

4. Is torrenting safe?

For the most part, yes, especially if you use a VPN. There are always risks with downloading files from the internet, but a VPN will significantly decrease your chances of getting tracked. We only recommend downloading legal torrents that aren’t copyrighted, so you don’t run into any trouble.

5. Is torrenting the same as Kodi?

At its core, Kodi is simply a free, open-source multi-media hub for streaming content. You can customize your Kodi dashboards with add-ons to enhance the functionality. These add-ons typically use live-streams on the platform as opposed to downloading or uploading files to your device like BitTorrent. This poses less risk than torrenting since you aren’t publicly displaying your IP address for all to see.

However, some Kodi add-ons run off the BitTorrent protocol, which downloads and uploads content to your device. When you share files this way, your IP address is exposed for your ISP and others to track. If you wish to torrent files anonymously, you’ll definitely need a VPN.

Here are the best VPNs for Kodi to help you get started.

6. Can I use a free VPN for torrenting?

Most free VPNs don’t support torrenting and often block P2P traffic. They also tend to lack many of the security features needed to sufficiently protect your data and hide your IP address. For these reasons, we recommend using a premium VPN with advanced features suited for torrent files.