Best VPNs in 2021

No matter what device or operating system you have, a VPN service is simple, yet mighty, software that protects users from a variety of online threats and digital roadblocks. To help you sift through options, we’ve compiled a list of the very best VPN providers. Our experts tested both free and paid solutions for top VPN features like speed, privacy, and network size. Check out our list of the top rated VPN services in 2021 to find yours.

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Bringing You the Best

Improving online privacy and security, a VPN (virtual private network) is a digital-age necessity. No matter what device, operating system, or internet activity you engage with, a VPN is a powerful service to have on your side. Today, they provide a wide array of functionalities such as online anonymity, torrenting, and security.

Even if you’ve decided to skip on purchasing traditional antivirus tools for your devices, investing in a secure VPN that protects your information is worth looking into.

The very best VPN service is one that hides your IP address by encrypting all data sent and received between your device(s) and the internet. This offers a level of anonymity online that keeps your data private, as it should be, and opens the door for what sites you can access online.

In addition, top-rated VPN options will include bonus features like IP/DNS/WebRTC leak shields, a kill switch, and split tunneling for extra protection, and they provide a legal workaround for gamers and streamers to unblock geo-restricted content from websites like Disney+ and Netflix.

There are hundreds of VPNs on the market to choose from, yet after pitting the best against one another, we found that each provider has its own advantages and disadvantages to consider. To help break through the clutter, we’ve compiled a list of recommendations for the best VPN solutions in 2021. Leaving no stones left unturned, our experts put popular VPNs through the wringer in a series of tests that compared VPN features like speed, privacy, and network size.

Check out our list of the top VPN services in 2021 to see if a VPN service is right for you.