1. Do VPNs work with antivirus software?

Yes. To the point where we’d actively encourage you to do so if you’re aiming to have the most robust level of protection from multiple threats. VPNs focus on your network and the data contained within, while antivirus software helps to protect against malware and viruses.

2. Do I need antivirus if I already have a VPN?

As we’ve discussed above, antivirus software and VPNs have different purposes, so it depends on whether you download files regularly, or would like additional protection against malware and viruses. In any case, having the two bundled together will only increase your overall online security.

3. What about using free antivirus/VPN software?

We’d avoid using free apps, whether you’re looking for a VPN, antivirus, or a package deal with a combination of the two. Free VPN apps and services can’t be trusted when it comes to looking after your personal data, and they often lack the ability to encrypt your information properly in the first place.

A number of free antiviruses actually contain viruses, where they attempt to get you to sign up for a service you don’t actually need.

4. Is it better to buy a VPN and an antivirus separately rather than as a package?

It depends on what you’re looking for in terms of additional features, as well as a number of external factors. For example, is there a VPN that you’d prefer to use that doesn’t offer antivirus too? It’s easier to get antivirus with a VPN as a package, but there’s nothing stopping you from using two separate services.

5. Is a VPN or antivirus more important?

If we could only pick one of the two, we’d prefer the anonymity provided by a VPN. However, that doesn’t mean that antivirus software isn’t important in its own right.

6. What about antivirus for iOS devices?

Using antivirus with VPNs is often pointless on iOS devices. The nature of the ‘walled garden’ makes it difficult to download malware and viruses to an iPhone, while most apps won’t have the ability to change much within your settings. Instead, we’d advise you to keep your operating system updated to the latest version.