Best VPN for Netflix 2021

Paula NovoLast updated: April 12, 2021
Best VPN for Netflix 2021
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Modern Family. Big Bang Theory. These are just a few popular sitcoms Netflix subscribers in the U.S. aren’t allowed to binge. Unless, of course, you have a virtual private network. In the world of licensing agreements, digital content is restricted to specific regions in the name of exclusivity. To access these geo-restricted shows, you’ll need to use a VPN. The best VPN for Netflix is one that hides your IP address, unblocks Netflix’s deep vault of international content, and protects your personal login info and devices from being hacked.

To help, our experts reviewed top VPN providers based on their server networks, speed, and ability to bypass geo-restrictions. Then, they determined the five best VPNs for Netflix in 2021. Below, you’ll find which VPN providers have the best Netflix-dedicated server network and how to use one while streaming your favorite shows.

Top 5 VPNs for Netflix

1. NordVPN

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Feature-rich VPN with strong privacy practices

Visit NordVPN
Lowest Price: 5.75/mo.
Avg.DL Speed: 98 Mpbs
Logging: Strong "no-logs" policy
Countries: 59


  • Slick UI, making it exceedingly easy to use
  • Vast array of security features
  • Massive list of high speed U.S. servers


  • One of the pricier VPNs
  • Replaced free trial with money-back guarantee

Best overall, NordVPN is a sure way to unblock Netflix. With its vast array of servers and top speeds, NordVPN offers numerous capabilities when it comes to accessing geo-restricted content. Offering some of the fastest speeds we’ve seen from a VPN service, NordVPN can support 4K video and reduced lag time so you never have to worry about interruptions.

In addition to its one-click streaming and torrenting features, NordVPN offers proprietary SmartPlay DNS settings, which is a big bonus when it comes to speeds needed for streaming. NordVPN can unblock almost any service, making it a top choice for streaming content.

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2. ExpressVPN

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Powerful VPN with diverse functionality

Visit ExpressVPN
Lowest Price: 8.32/mo.
Avg.DL Speed: 74 Mbps
Logging: Strong "no-logs" policy
Countries: 94


  • Fast, reliable speeds
  • Zero logs policy
  • Safe, unrestricted torrenting/P2P
  • Unlocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer & more
  • 3,000+ servers in 94 countries


  • No kill switch on iOS
  • More expensive price point
  • Only 5 simultaneous connections

ExpressVPN is a beast when it comes to streaming, unblocking almost every service you can think of. It’s essential if you’re interested in watching live events like sports or for accessing platforms that are currently geo-blocked in your country.

ExpressVPN is also one of the top VPNs for unblocking Netflix, no matter your location. It has a wide assortment of servers to choose from and top speeds to support 4K video. It’s hard to find a better provider if unblocking Netflix is a top feature on your list.

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3. CyberGhost

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All-in-one solution with a massive server network

Visit CyberGhost
Lowest Price: 2.75/mo.
Avg.DL Speed: 44 Mbps
Logging: Strong "no-logs" policy
Countries: 90


  • Fast, secure and easy to use
  • Top pick for streaming
  • Allows Torrenting/P2P


  • Logs some anonymous data
  • Doesn’t work with Chromebook

CyberGhost is arguably one of the best VPNs for streaming. It has a massive server network and offers an advanced Smart DNS feature that allows users to unlock Netflix and other websites on all smart TVs and gaming consoles. To top it off, CyberGhost has dedicated VPN servers specifically for streaming to make all your GoT binge dreams a reality. 

CyberGhost boldly advertises an extensive list of the content libraries it can unblock and offers simultaneous connections on up to 7 devices so you don’t have to prioritize your privacy or entertainment needs.

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4. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access
Availabile On:

Long-standing provider with robust security features

Visit Private Internet Access
Lowest Price: 2.69/mo.
Avg.DL Speed: 77 Mbps
Logging: Strong "no-logs" policy
Countries: 78


  • Verified zero-logs policy
  • Up to 10 simultaneous connections
  • PIA uses open source software
  • One of the few VPNs that can unblock streaming sites


  • Could improve UI
  • Limited additional features

With fast speeds and a vast server network, Private Internet Access (PIA) is among the best providers for streaming. It boasts unrestricted U.S., UK, Netherlands, Canada, Romania, Germany, France, Sweden and Swiss-based internet services and has over 11,000 servers across 74 countries, giving users substantial coverage.

In addition, PIA is one of the few VPN providers able to unblock a wide variety of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and more. This, coupled with low pricing of $2.69/mo., make it a top contender among streaming VPNs.

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5. Surfshark

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Emerging VPN with a sleek UI and industry-low pricing

Visit Surfshark
Lowest Price: 2.21/mo.
Avg.DL Speed: 41 Mbps
Logging: Strong "no-logs" policy
Countries: 63


  • Great value for the money
  • Top pick for major streaming sites
  • Unlimited device connections


  • Barebones audit of logging policy
  • Limited P2P servers with poor speeds

Overall, Surfshark is viewed as one of the best VPN providers for streaming entertainment and likewise torrenting P2P content. Surfshark unlocks Netflix, which has recently become more adept at blocking VPNs. It works in 63 countries and is a top pick for many users seeking access to geo-restricted programming. 

Surfshark has a user policy that does not restrict bandwidth (partly thanks to its ability to hide users from ISP monitoring and therefore speed throttling) and also allows access to restricted websites. In addition to Netflix, Surfshark is also compatible with Disney+, Prime Video, Hulu, and DAZN, among others.

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Best VPN for Netflix 2021 FAQs

1. Why does Netflix block VPNs?

If it were up to Netflix, everyone would probably have worldwide access to its entire content library. However, this isn’t an option for the streaming giant due to licensing agreements. Netflix doesn’t have full rights to air certain content in many countries depending on program deals and contracts. Because of this, Netflix explicitly forbids the use of a VPN in its Terms of Use.

When a subscriber uses a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions to watch a movie on Netflix, Netflix is in direct violation of its copyright agreement.

2. What VPN works best with Netflix?

There are dozens of VPNs that work with Netflix and can improve your streaming experience. However, we recommend using Surfshark or Cyberghost. Both VPN providers offer user-friendly apps and unlock geo-restricted content. Surfshark also offers a Smart DNS feature, and CyberGhost comes with dedicated Netflix servers. With either one, you’ll be streaming global content with ease, knowing that you’re protected.

3. How do I use a VPN on Netflix?

Using a VPN for Netflix is fairly straightforward:

  • Download and install your VPN of choice onto your device. 
  • Use your VPN account credentials to login to your VPN app or website.
  • Select a Netflix-dedicated server in the U.S. (or a country you want the content from) that unblocks Netflix.
  • Ensure your VPN is connected and start enjoying unlocked content from anywhere in the world.

4. Does a VPN affect Netflix’s streaming speed?

Yes. A VPN will always decrease your internet speed due to its encryption process and prolonged connection to a remote server. However, newer technologies have significantly reduced this latency, making the difference in speed negligible. This is especially true if you invest in a premium VPN that comes with thousands of server locations, increased security, and protections against ISP throttling and network congestion.

5. How do Netflix regional restrictions work?

Due to licensing agreements, Netflix is required to place geographic restrictions on nearly all of their content. The streaming service determines your location using your IP address and only grants you access to regional-specific content based on where you are. Unbeknownst to many, your Netflix library isn’t really the Netflix library. Each country and/or region on the world where Netflix is available has its own content library. 

While it is against Netflix’ Terms of Use, many subscribers still use a VPN to unlock international movies and TV shows they otherwise wouldn’t see.

6. Are there VPNs that unblock Netflix abroad?

Yes. There are dozens – if not hundreds – of VPNs that unblock Netflix abroad. Netflix uses subscribers’ IP addresses to determine where they are located and what content they’re permitted to see. With a VPN, you can disguise your real IP address by selecting a remote server as your location. This also gives you access to geo-restricted content that may be blocked in your specific region. VPN providers like CyberGhost even have dedicated Netflix servers.