1. How much money can I save on flights with a VPN?

It depends on your itinerary, but you can save anywhere between $5-1000+ USD on a round trip. You’re also going to want to consider the server you connect to with your VPN. To find the best deal, you’re going to want to compare flights from a variety of servers worldwide. Plus, your savings on flights over time will definitely circumvent the cost of your VPN subscription.

2. Why are flights cheaper in certain countries?

Essentially, there are high-income and low-income countries. The low-income countries often have cheaper flights due to supply and demand. Other factors to consider include the popularity of your destination in a certain country, holidays, political changes, and current events. Keep all of this in mind when you’re choosing the best server for your travel needs.

3. How do the airlines know my location?

Much like social networking sites and apps, airlines track your location through your IP address, cookies, and browsing history. Lucky for you, it’s easy to hide this information by combining your VPN with a private browser. We have a list of the best private internet browsers here.

4. Is it safe to use a VPN while booking flights?

Yes, it is perfectly safe and legal to use a VPN to book your flights. Due to their privacy measures, it may actually be even safer to use a VPN to book your flights as opposed to doing so without any protection.