1. How do I find Firefox extensions?

Firefox offers thousands of web browser extensions. From password managers to screengrabs, there’s an extension or Firefox add-on for just about anything you can think of. You can search Mozilla’s Firefox extension library to find personalized recommendations or find ones on your own.

2. How do I enable extensions in Firefox?

To install or enable extensions in Firefox, simply select the add-on you want on your browser using the “Install Theme” or “Add to Firefox” buttons located on the extension. From there, you can activate it in your extensions lineup at the top-right corner of your Firefox browser screen.

3. How do I manually install Firefox extensions?

You can manually install Firefox extensions within the Firefox browser window by simply clicking the “Install Theme” or “Add to Firefox” buttons. You can also manage your extensions via the Firefox Add-on Manager Extensions panel in your browser settings.

4. What Firefox extensions should I use?

Mozilla Firefox offers thousands of browser extensions to choose from. We list the top 15 Firefox extensions in 2022 that can help you do everything from managing your passwords (for free!) to keep you anonymous with a VPN for Firefox. Here are the best Firefox extensions we recommend:

  • uBlock Origin – Content Blocker
  • Private Internet Access – Firefox VPN Extension
  • DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials – Privacy tools
  • Bitwarden – Free Password Manager
  • Grammarly – Language Tool
  • Adblocker Ultimate – Security Tool
  • Undo Close Tab – Management Tool
  • Firefox Relay – Email Alias Generator
  • Dark Reader – UX Tool
  • Flagfox – Location Tool
  • Return YouTube Dislikes – Content Tool
  • Firefox Multi-Account Containers – Tracking Tool
  • Cookie AutoDelete – Trash Tool
  • Honey by PayPal – Coupon Tool
  • Facebook Container – Tracking Tool

5. What are Firefox extensions?

Mozilla Firefox extensions (or Firefox add-ons) are features that help improve the browser experience in some shape or form. That’s not to say that Firefox isn’t a capable browser, but extensions help to take it to the next level with a host of additional add-on features that can completely change your experience. 

6. How Do I delete extensions on Firefox?

Removing Firefox extensions is really easy. Here’s how:

  • Click the menu button and select Add-ons > Themes > Extensions
  • Find the extension you want to delete
  • Click the ellipsis (3-dot) icon next to the extension you wish to remove and select Remove.