How to Stream with CyberGhost VPN 2024

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With the use of streaming services on the rise, we watch TV shows and movies like we never had before. Instead of one cable subscription, we subscribe to multiple streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBOMAX (just to name a few). Somehow, even with all of these options, we still feel like there isn’t enough quality content out there. Luckily, secure VPNs like CyberGhost do a fantastic job allowing access to more global content safely and anonymously

Why Stream with CyberGhost?

Like other VPN services, CyberGhost does an excellent job of unblocking geo-restricted content. However, what sets CyberGhost apart is its massive server list and high speeds. No longer will you need to worry about spotty connectivity or low-resolution picture. With CyberGhost, you can connect to servers specifically designed for streaming. That means you’ll be able to watch HD video content without worrying about buffering or throttling. 


  • Offers dedicated streaming servers
  • Fast, secure, and easy to use
  • Supports torrenting/P2P traffic


  • No OpenVPN option on Mac and iOS
  • Doesn’t work with Chromebook
  • Only offers a short 1-day free trial

Although CyberGhost has an extremely short free trial, the provider does offer a 45-day money-back guarantee. Plus, it has Smart DNS, which allows you to unblock Netflix and other streaming services on your smart TV and gaming consoles. You can connect to up to 7 devices at a time to be specific.

How to Get Started

Streaming your favorite content with CyberGhost is a quick and easy process. All it takes are these three simple steps!

Step 1:

Sign up for a CyberGhost VPN subscription.

Step 1 CyberGhost Set Up

Step 2:

Download your CyberGhost VPN app on your device or platform of choice.

Step 3 CyberGhost Set Up

Step 3:

Connect to a server of your choice and start streaming your favorite TV shows and movies.

Step 2 of CyberGhost Set Up

Keep in mind that there are often excellent CyberGhost deals for new users. Once you download CyberGhost and connect to one of their streaming-specific servers, all you need to do is log in to one of your favorite streaming services and start watching shows and movies from all over the world!

Final Thoughts

CyberGhost promises to make your streaming experience faster, easier, and better than ever. Say goodbye to slow speeds and low-quality resolution and stream as much content as you want on up to 7 devices at once. CyberGhost holds itself to a high standard with its constant server tests, so you can stream content quickly and in high definition.

Unlock more of your favorite TV shows and movies safely and anonymously.

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