How To Watch Gossip Girl From Anywhere 2024

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Itching to watch all the Upper East Side drama in the original Gossip Girl? You’re probably not alone if you don’t have an HBO Max account. Unfortunately, HBO Max is blocked outside of America, and the show isn’t accessible in many countries – without a reliable streaming VPN that hides your IP address, that is. 

Don’t let geo-restrictions rain on your streaming experience. With a VPN, you’ll be able to unlock international content at fast speeds and secure your login information. Keep reading to learn more about how to watch Gossip Girl from anywhere.

Top 5 VPNs to stream Gossip Girl

Fantastic overall VPN, optimized for streaming
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Stay anonymous & protected while streaming with IPVanish
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Unlock loads of content and get streaming specific servers with CyberGhost
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ExpressVPN delivers streaming-focused performance and a host of features
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PIA provides dedicated streaming tools and time-tested reliability
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How To Watch Gossip Girl in 2024


Download a VPN


Connect to the server of your choice


Start watching

Why you need a VPN for Gossip Girl

As streaming providers continue to release amazing content worldwide, users are finding that lots of new shows, like Gossip Girl, are restricted due to airing rights. In the world of licensing agreements, digital content is frequently restricted to specific regions for the sake of exclusivity. The best way to bypass these geo-restrictions is with a streaming VPN

A VPN for streaming will unlock access to a variety of international content by spoofing your IP address – and therefore your “location” online. This will allow you to stream Gossip Girl from anywhere in the world all while on a private connection. Don’t let geographic blocks keep you from watching Gossip Girl – find a streaming VPN that works with your needs and never face content restrictions again.

Best VPN for Gossip Girl in 2024

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We recommend downloading NordVPN for Gossip Girl

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1. NordVPN

A true do-it-all VPN, great for streaming and more!
  • Optimized for speed
  • NordLynx protocol
  • SmartPlay feature


  • Sleek app that's easy to use
  • Vast array of security features
  • Fast download speeds


  • Expensive short-term plan
  • Does not accept PayPal
  • Basic browser extensions

NordVPN is the best VPN for streaming – making it the ideal choice to unblock Gossip Girl from anywhere. Delivering some of the best connection speeds across a massive network of 5,400+ servers in 60 countries, users will find only minimal speed loss. 

In addition, SmartPlay DNS settings optimize NordVPN for 4K playback. While smart DNS services can bypass most DNS blocking, it does nothing to keep you secure or private. To offset this, NordVPN’s SmartPlay DNS bypasses DNS blocks while also hiding your IP address and encrypting your traffic to ensure you remain safe and anonymous when streaming

NordVPN provides users with standard encryption protocols, but they also offer their proprietary NordLynx encryption. NordLynx is built around the WireGuard protocol, providing users the agility and speed benefits of WireGuard without compromising security. 

We did not detect a single IP/DNS/WebRTC leak when testing NordVPN, and found its connection speeds to be consistent on near and far servers.  AES 256-bit encryption and DoubleVPN also help ensure browsing remains private, hidden from the prying eyes of ISPs. If streaming is top priority, NordVPN is the best option.

2. IPVanish

Get access to your favorite content and stay secure while doing it with IPVanish
  • Unlimited device connections
  • No data leaks
  • Supports torrenting & P2P


  • Supports torrenting & P2P
  • Dynamic IP addresses
  • Zero-logs policy
  • No IP address/DNS/IPV6 leaks
  • Unlimited connections


  • Cluttered interface
  • Under 5 Eyes surveillance
  • Doesn’t work in China

IPVanish is an excellent VPN for streaming anonymously, providing consistently fast speeds and unlimited device connections for all your gear. As a privacy-focused provider, IPVanish prevents users from getting flagged when bypassing geo-restrictions by masking the user’s IP address, encrypting their data, and maintaining their own massive server network (making many IP block lists irrelevant). Additionally, IPVanish offers a Scramble feature that blocks efforts by an internet provider or streaming service to identify & block VPN connections

To bolster connection speeds split tunneling is built-in to IPVanish. Split tunneling allows users to use chosen apps outside of the apps running within the VPN connection. This typically improves overall connection speed as only some of the user’s traffic is routed through a VPN server, while also letting the user access more than one network at a time. 

Plus, you have the ability to connect to over 1,900 servers and 40,000 dynamic IP addresses, making it easier to avoid getting flagged by a streaming services while watching Gossip Girl. Each of IPVanish’s servers has consistent, reliable speeds that you can easily switch between to access content across the globe.

Take advantage of IPVanish’s 30-day money-back guarantee to test it out for yourself today.

3. CyberGhost

Get great accessibility and plenty of features with CyberGhost
  • Unblocks 35+ streaming services
  • Supports torrenting & P2P traffic
  • Fast, secure & easy to use


  • Fast, secure & easy to use
  • Supports torrenting/P2P
  • Up to 7 devices per subscription


  • No OpenVPN option on Mac and iOS
  • UK-based ownership
  • Router config. requires a learning curve

CyberGhost is an excellent option for a streaming VPN, allowing access to almost all major streaming platforms, like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ through a massive array of server locations. 

Featuring dedicated streaming servers, CyberGhost’s network is specifically designed to elude any restrictions or blocks. CyberGhost can also unblock 35 major streaming platforms, meaning users will find just about any TV series at their fingertips – including Gossip Girl.

On top of that, CyberGhost provides a fully-functional browser extension for both Chrome and Firefox. This delivers a seamless one-click process, allowing users to easily access the content they’re looking for while remaining anonymous and protected online.

Cyberghost also touts a great user interface and features like IP configuration, anonymization, and support for up to 7 devices. Additionally, CyberGhost supports torrenting, with P2P traffic permitted on most servers. Check out our extensive CyberGhost VPN review to learn more, or take advantage of their 45-day money-back guarantee to test it out today.

4. ExpressVPN

Get top-tier speeds and lots of streaming tech with ExpressVPN
  • Reliably fast speeds
  • Great device compatibility
  • Zero-logs policy


  • Fast, reliable speeds
  • Verified no-logs policy
  • Safe, unrestricted torrenting/P2P


  • No kill switch on iOS
  • Pricey subscriptions
  • No WireGuard support

As one of the more popular, quality providers on the market, ExpressVPN offers truly anonymous and privacy-focused products. ExpressVPN touts streaming-friendly features like a verified zero-logs policy, quick & stable connection speeds, and a strong reputation for unblocking just about everything

ExpressVPN has an extensive list of streaming services that you can unblock from its platform, which you can find here. Torrenting is also a viable option with ExpressVPN, giving you the option to download essentially any content you want. Plus, ExpressVPN will encrypt your IP address, so all your torrenting activity will be hidden from your ISP. It even has a proprietary Lightway protocol, a WireGuard alt, that improves streaming and torrenting speeds so that you can enjoy content in 4K and HD with ease. 

To boot, ExpressVPN offers over 3,000 server locations in 94 countries. It’s also compatible with nearly all devices and platform types. You’ll have no problem safely unblocking just about any piece of content. It also has highly rated 24/7 customer support if you run into any issues.

5. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access
Get long-standing transparency and a massive server network with PIA
  • Up to 10 device connections
  • Open-source software
  • Affordable subscription


  • Affordable premium subscriptions
  • Up to 10 simultaneous connections
  • Secure & customizable encryption


  • Room for interface improvements
  • Limited advanced features
  • Lacking recent no-logs policy audit

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a great option for an affordable and time-tested premium VPN. With over 35,000 servers across 84 countries, PIA gives substantial coverage – pair that with up to 10 device connections, solid speed scores, and a range of encryption options. Our tests showed that the upload and download speeds actually increased slightly when it comes to speed. 

You will have no problem streaming, video calling, or gaming with PIA. When it comes to Netflix, you’ll be able to unblock its US, UK, Netherlands, and Canada content libraries with ease. With torrenting, PIA supports P2P on all of its servers, so you won’t have to worry about your data getting handed over to your ISP or any other third parties. Whether you’re streaming or torrenting, PIA outperforms other providers in its price range, and its speeds are plentiful for doing either.  

PIA has solid additional privacy features like PIA MACE (an adblocker), antivirus software, dedicated IPs, and a kill switch. PIA’s wide range of protocols, like WireGuard, allows its users to select the level of encryption that best fits their streaming needs. It’s clear PIA is an attractive streaming VPN choice.


It’s not too late to watch all the drama that goes down in Gossip Girl. With the right VPN, you’ll have no problem watching all the ups and downs between Serena and Blair. As long as the VPN you choose is secure, has fast speeds, and has servers that connect to the United States, you’ll be able to watch this iconic show from anywhere.

Xoxo gossip girl.

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We recommend downloading NordVPN for Gossip Girl

Get NordVPN


1. What are geo-restrictions?

Geo-restricting is a practice that companies use to block access to their content based on a user’s location. Companies like Netflix can track your location via your IP address, so you will have trouble accessing American content, for example, if you’re abroad. VPNs circumvent this by hiding your IP address and giving you the option to connect to different servers from across the world.

2. Does a VPN affect my streaming speeds?

It depends on the VPN provider. Some are better than others, but there are plenty of premium providers like the ones we mentioned above that will maintain or even increase your internet speeds. While there are some solid free VPNs on the market, we recommend premium VPNs since they successfully hide your IP address, secure your online data, unblock streaming sites, and improve your internet speeds.

3. Are there VPNs that unblock Gossip Girl abroad?

Absolutely. Your best bet is to choose a VPN provider that has servers in the country Gossip Girl originates. Chances are pretty high that you’ll find a solid provider that will unblock streaming services in your location so you can enjoy Gossip Girl from anywhere.

4. How important is it to have a VPN while streaming Gossip Girl?

As a rule of thumb, a VPN offers a layer of protection against your ISP or other snooping parties by hiding your IP address and encrypting your internet traffic, but they do have other uses. For streaming, VPNs have one major benefit – allowing users to maneuver around content blocks. VPNs can provide a relatively easy method to bypass geographic restrictions.

5. Can I get banned from a streaming service for using a VPN?

It is possible that a streaming service will block your connection if it detects you are using a VPN to stream. However, streaming services often have trouble detecting VPN usage, and if a user is caught using one, it’s highly unlikely their account will be banned. Platforms like Netflix and Hulu don’t attempt to stop VPN usage because they want to restrict users – oftentimes these platforms are forced into banning them because they don’t have the rights to air content in certain regions.

6. Do I need a VPN to watch Gossip Girl?

You don’t need a VPN to watch Gossip Girl if it’s available in your region and you have access to the streaming service it’s hosted on. However, if you live in an area where Gossip Girl is blocked, a VPN is a relatively easy way to remove restrictions. Another alternative is torrenting, but it is highly encouraged to use a VPN for torrenting as well.