1. Is there a free VPN Chrome extension?

Yes. There are a lot of free VPN browser extensions available, but we don’t really recommend them. Free VPNs often log personal data, track web activity, and sell your information to third parties for profit. The most effective VPNs for Chrome usually come with a price tag, but you get what you pay for in this case.

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2. Can a Chrome extension be a VPN?

Yes. There are several VPN extensions for Chrome that help mask your IP and unblock content online. 

3. How do I enable VPN on Chrome?

Yes. Many providers offer different versions of their VPN browser extensions. The majority of these extensions can be found in the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-Ons Store, but there are also extensions for Opera and Safari.

4. Is Firefox or Chrome better for privacy?

Mozilla Firefox is better known for its privacy features and runs on open-source software. Google collects data on its users, which has proven to be invasive. However, you can always download a Chrome VPN extension to stop this from happening.